NECAA T&F Championships – 13th & 14th May 2023 – MSV

Athletes, officials, volunteers and supporters headed to Middlesbrough Sports Village across the weekend, for the North East Counties Track & Field Championships. On a busy weekend of athletics, DHAC athletes performed incredibly well.

In addition to the 41 athletes we had on show, DHAC supported the event with seven officials across the weekend – huge thank you to Mark Tallon, Claire Rutter, Gillian Buckley, Sarah Johnson, Brian Burdon, Trevor McDermot and Amy Pickworth.

The athletes certainly brought their best to the Championships, with a total of 32 personal best performances across the two days. Results also included four new club records:
Senior Men 400mH – Karl Murray – 59.75s (breaking the record from 2022)
U20 Women Discus – Lily Thompson – 29.08m (breaking the record from 1997)
U17 Women Triple Jump – Jess Sweet – 10.15m (breaking the record from 2009)
U15 Girls 300m – Izzy Edinboro – 42.16s (breaking the record from 2017)

In total DHAC brought home 42 medals from the weekend, an incredible achievement, only bettered by Gateshead Harriers (a much bigger club with a lot more Senior athletes in Track & Field). Huge well done to all of the athletes and coaches for their hard work and commitment.

NB: a total of 32 different clubs won at least one medal over the weekend


The early action on the track was focussed on the sprint hurdles where we had five athletes competing in various age groups:
U13G (70mH): Beth Johnson HEAT: 13.96s (PB) 3rd & FINAL: 13.98 3rd
U15G (75mH): Izzy Edinboro FINAL: 13.65s 4th
U15B (80mH): Hugo Douglas-Reeves FINAL: 12.97s 1st
U17W (80mH): Tori Buckley HEAT: 13.00s 2nd & FINAL 13.28s 7th
SenM (110mH): Karl Murray FINAL: 20.10s 1st

DHAC had seven athletes in the various jumps across day one:
Triple Jump:
U17M: Ashton Harrison – 11.03m 1st
SenM: Karl Murray – 10.61m (PB) 1st

Pole Vault:
U17M: Thomas Hill – 3.41m 1st

High Jump:
U15G: Lottie Graves – 1.31m 2nd

Long Jump:
U13G: Beth Johnson – 3.69m 3rd
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 2.95m (PB) 11th
SenW: Charlotte Rutter – 4.97m 1st

In the distance events on offer on day one, DHAC had nine athletes across the age groups:
U13G: Sasha Patterson – 2:43.60 6th
U17W: Savannah Tarn – 2:24.70 5th
U17W: Sophie Bannister – 2:31.84 8th

U13B: Ollie Curran – 5:06.60 2nd
U15B: Finn Pentland-Rice – 4:49.96 (PB) 6th
U15B: Willoughby Croslegh – 5:01.22 (PB) 10th
U20M: Dylan Wilson – 4:20.88 (PB) 11th
SenM: Michael Harcourt – 4:35.11 (PB) 8th

U15G: Grace Robinson-Tregear – 13:41.18 (PB) 4th

Ten athletes took to the field for the various throws events across the day:
U13G: Sasha Patterson – 11.85m (PB) 1st
U15B: Tomos Cowell – 25.29m (PB) 2nd
U17M: Jack Wood – 13.33m (PB) 3rd
U20W: Lily Thompson – 29.08m (PB & Club Record) 1st
SenW: Liz Shaw – 27.26m 3rd

Shot Put:
U15B: Hugo Douglas-Reeves – 9.43m 1st
U15B: Tomos Cowell – 9.30m 2nd

U15G: Lottie Graves – 21.18m (PB) 4th
U17W: Tori Buckley – 27.55m 3rd
SenW: Charlotte Rutter – 23.06m 3rd

We had six athletes getting in their blocks for the sprint races, with many of the events having heats to negotiate:
U13B: James I’Anson FINAL: 15.12s (PB) 2nd
U15B: Oscar Fluen HEAT: 12.27s 1st & FINAL: 12.37s 3rd

U15G: Izzy Edinboro HEAT: 27.16s 2nd & FINAL: 27.24s 3rd
U17W: Libby Hammond HEAT: 27.94s 2nd & FINAL: 27.80s 6th
U17W: Jess Sweet HEAT: 27.74s 1st & FINAL: 28.02s 7th

U15B: Hugo Douglas-Reeves FINAL: 39.51s (PB) 1st


As with day one, day two kicked off with athletes heading over the hurdles – this time it was the long hurdles where we had two athletes competing:
300m Hurdles:
U17W: Tori Buckley FINAL 49.64s 7th

400m Hurdles:
SenM: Karl Murray FINAL 59.75s (Club Record) 2nd

Seven DHAC athletes took to jumping action on the day:
Long Jump:
U13B: James I’Anson – 3.62m 2nd
U15G: Lottie Graves – 4.21m 7th
U15B: Hugo Douglas-Reeves – 5.31m 2nd
U17M: Josh Davison – 5.05m – 3rd

High Jump:
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 1.06m 2nd
U17M: Josh Davison – 1.66m 1st

Triple Jump:
U17W: Jess Sweet – 10.15m (PB & Club Record) 2nd on count back

In the distance events 14 DHAC athletes took their marks:
U13B: Ollie Curran – 2:32.07 (PB) 2nd
U13B: James I’Anson – 2:35.26 (PB) 3rd
U13B: Lucas Rogers – 2:39.40 (PB) 5th
U13B: Daniel Callaghan – 2:45.01 6th
U15B: Rowan Steel – 2:11.01 (PB) 2nd
U15B: Finn Pentland-Rice – 2:30.42 (PB) 5th
U17M: Freddie Hall – 2:15.27 (PB) 8th
U20M: Dylan Wilson – 2:04.26 (PB) 5th

U15G: Matilda Owens – 5:17.96 (PB) 4th
U15G: Charlotte Owens – 5:30.54 (PB) 8th
U17W: Zara Jones – 4:59.35 5th
U17W: Freya Talman – 5:08.81 8th
U20W: Macy Kelly – 4:49.52 4th

U17M: Alex Boyer – 9:21.18 1st

Eight of our athletes took to the field for the throws:
Shot Put:
U13G: Beth Johnson – 6.83m (PB) 4th
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 4.58m (PB) 8th
U15G: Lottie Graves – 10.14m (PB) 2nd
U17W: Tori Buckley – 11.10m 2nd
U20W: Lily Thompson – 8.68m 3rd
U20W: Krista Bissett Brown – 6.67m 4th

U17M: Josh Davison – 21.13m 1st

U15B: Tomos Cowell – 22.24m 1st

DHAC had nine athletes taking to the start lines for the sprint races, with most having to negotiate heats to make their respective finals:
U13G: Beth Johnson HEAT: 15.16s(w) 3rd & FINAL: 15.48s (PB) 8th
U15G: Elizabeth Clay HEAT: 13.66s 1st & FINAL: 14.02s 7th
U17W: Jess Sweet HEAT: 13.12s 3rd & FINAL: 13.71s 6th
U17W: Libby Hammond HEAT: 13.13s(w) & FINAL: 13.82s 8th
U20W: Krista Bissett Brown FINAL: 13.27s 3rd
SenW: Charlotte Rutter FINAL: 13.50s 4th

U15G: Izzy Edinboro HEAT: 42.76s 2nd & FINAL: 42.16s (PB & Club Record) 1st
U17W: Libby Hammond HEAT: 43.70s (PB) 2nd & FINAL: 44.49s 5th
U17W: Savannah Tarn HEAT: 44.34s (PB) 3rd & FINAL: 45.32s 7th

An outstanding weekend of athletics for our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and supporters. It doesn’t mean that everyone can rest though, it’s a busy schedule over the next couple of weeks starting on Monday 15th where our Masters Athletes have their first meet of the season at Jarrow, Saturday 20th sees the Senior League get underway at Morpeth and on Sunday 21st our Junior Team have the second fixture of the NEYDL season at Whitley Bay. NEGP continues on Wednesday 24th at Jarrow and on top of all that some of our Juniors also have schools competitions to contend with.

Full results from the Championships can be found on the links below and will be updated on PO10 very soon:

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