Rogers Experience a nice welcome

Steve and Zoe Rogers headed to Leeds to take on one of the Punk Panther races, a series of 6 Ultra Marathons which are a minimum of 50km across challenging courses in North and West Yorkshire. The Welcome Ultra is a 32 mile (51km) race with 4300ft climb over the distance and with the recent weather this hard course became that little bit harder (ooer). There is a slightly longer race which has 7 further miles and 2000 further feet of climbing, so I guess this is the diet coke version!!!

Zoe managed to fall in a snow drift at mile 4 but kept on going (I guess the “Snow must go on”….I’ll get my coat). Anyway Steve and Zoe finished the event in around 9:36:54.

Great effort in tough conditions.

Zoe and Steve Rogers

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