Inglis Brings It Home At Darlington

First kilometre at Darlington 10km

The rebirth of the Darlington Harrier Senior section at the Darlington 10k 2015. A year earlier only 12 seniors turned out for the home race to around 70 a year later. This race sees competitors complete two laps of the course before bringing runners back along Skinnergate and onto High Row for the Grandstand finish.

Full results can be found here

Darlington Harriers on Darlington High Row pre Darlington 10k event.  Mixture of seniors and juniors.
Big Ben Wilson.  Ben had two spells at the Harriers and was a former 400m sprinter and 35 minute 10k runner
Drew Inglis powers home and holds of a local runner despite his best efforts
Darlington ladies win team prize at the local 10k, Alison Matthews, Sharon Barlow and Sue Phillips
Fireman Graham Hindmarsh joined the club in 2015 and set the place alight 
Colin Taylor keeps Stockton’s Phil Teece at bay
Sharon Barlow helped Darlington ladies to the team prize at the Darlington 10k
Paul Cook digging in deep after a recent injury
Paul Helliwell keeping his form and cool in the heat
Nathan Hemingbrough heading towards the finishing line, Darlington 10k
Andy Park putting in a PB performance on the day
Junior Harrier on show at Darlington
Steven Wilkinson striding out at the finish of Darlington 10k
Steve ‘the legs’ Elliott at Darlington 10k
PosFirst NameSurnameCATClubChip Time
16DrewInglisSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:33:45
37SimonRogersVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:35:49
39ColinTaylorVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:35:56
43SharonBarlowVet Ladies 35-39Darlington Harriers & AC00:36:17
60GrahamHindmarshSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:36:56
68PaulCookVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:37:18
72PaulHelliwellVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:37:27
81JamesBakerSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:37:55
89NathanHemingbroughSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:38:12
110AlisonMatthewsVet Ladies 35-39Darlington Harriers & AC00:38:55
114BenWilsonVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:06
129DavidMcKennaVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:21
137PeterArmstrongSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:39:36
142AndrewParkSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:39:41
147BarryTalmanSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:39:39
151JeffMillerVet Men 50-54Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:54
156MatthewMcGuireBoys 14+Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:58
165RichardEasterbrookSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:20
171SuePhillipsVet Ladies 50-54Darlington Harriers & AC00:40:42
189TomLeightonSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:41:01
191LouiseTalmanSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:54
196JustinHindmarchSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:57
248StevenWilkinsonVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:23
255StevenElliotVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:45
256CraigStoddartSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:42:39
257PaulKeedyVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:48
261GarryCollinsonSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:42:58
271GrahamGarveyVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:43:12
285DominicColleySenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:43:26
301MarkRobinsonSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:43:34
318MartinPhillipsVet Men 50-54Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:12
319JurisSilovsVet Men 55-59Darlington Harriers & AC00:43:58
323DarrenStockdaleSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:44:17
328CorinneMurrayVet Ladies 35-39Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:20
333DavidAikenSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:44:04
341ValClarkeVet Ladies 55-59Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:34
353NobleLindaVet Ladies 50-54Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:22
369AndrewGlencrossVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:49
401JohnDunneVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:45:42
406JamesHareSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:45:49
410SeanConnollyBoys 14+Darlington Harriers & AC00:45:27
423ClareParkSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:45:44
424MarkHaymerSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:45:47
428MarkMilnerVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:46:22
477CliveGreenSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:46:57
495DavidWaltonVet Men 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC00:46:35
520TraceyOwenSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:17
541LeslieCurtisSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:41
549PeterFouldsSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:48:19
555EmilyHalsteadSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:55
560LesleyMillerVet Ladies 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:48:00
568JadeHutchinsonGirls 14+Darlington Harriers & AC00:48:39
609CharlotteKnowlesSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:48:51
612EmmaMorleyVet Ladies 50-54Darlington Harriers & AC00:49:02
655SimonDanielsVet Men 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:49:23
711ShirleyGibsonVet Ladies 65-69Darlington Harriers & AC00:51:29
807TaiCharltonSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:52:13
893AnneHutchinsonVet Ladies 45-49Darlington Harriers & AC00:53:48
950IanBarnesVet Men 80-84Darlington Harriers & AC00:55:05
1015StephanieKingdonSenior LadiesDarlington Harriers & AC00:56:13
1018MarkTallonSenior MenDarlington Harriers & AC00:56:15
1172LindaTinklerVet Ladies 35-39Darlington Harriers & AC00:57:33
1372HarbhagSinghVet Men 70-74Darlington Harriers & AC01:02:06
1383DavidHembladeVet Men 60-64Darlington Harriers & AC01:03:02
1508StephenDauberVet Men 60-64Darlington Harriers & AC01:07:08
1609AmandaGarvey KovacVet Ladies 40-44Darlington Harriers & AC01:17:22
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