Great North, turnout

On Sunday morning a high number of Harriers headed north to run the famous Great North Run Half Marathon a race which has been on the go since 1981 and one which two of our runners, Paul Kelly and Harry Singh are part of an exclusive club of under 100 people who have run every year. This event, although a little pricey to enter for a half brings together thousands of people who raise money for various charities and is a fantastic spectacle for runners and spectators.
Well done to each and every one of you who ran and to those of you who raised money in the process, respect! Full results can be found here

NamePosFinish Time
Jeff Miller20301:24:45
Barry Talman27801:26:10
Garry Collinson29401:26:35
Neil Wharton53901:30:13
neville ford55401:30:29
David McKenna59801:31:07
IAN Threadkell59901:31:08
Peter Armstrong83301:33:45
Linda Noble155001:38:34
Dominic Colley230401:42:36
Tony Winward241101:43:06
Anthony Seaman258201:43:55
Paul Kelly271601:44:27
Steve Rogers282001:44:53
Kelly Farr355701:47:33
Mark Haymer360701:47:44
Mike Stewart404301:49:08
Richard Bowes414801:49:27
Shaun Marshall426401:49:46
Amanda Trees479401:51:18
Andrew Glencross539001:52:57
michael watson575601:53:55
catherine anderson618001:55:02
Wesley Tarn640701:55:35
Jane Teague775701:58:49
David Ralph852302:00:26
Steven Craggs858302:00:33
Iain Girard899302:01:28
Jared Holdcroft943202:02:26
Laura Clarke1023602:04:09
Alex Bos1055302:04:48
Zoe Rogers1099202:05:43
Andrew Park1130302:06:19
Wesley Atkins1354302:10:24
Lesley Miller1407702:11:17
Julie Richardson1859302:18:54
Anneli Mackenzie Brown1995702:21:10
Sarah Neve2120002:23:15
Allen Hazlett2445802:28:36
HARBHAG SINGH2511102:29:39
Tina Corah2672802:32:31
Julian Pinkney2722602:33:26
Julie Watson2776002:34:25
Hilary Bevan3250702:43:44
Den Dale3361402:46:26
Anna Stephens3707702:56:55
clare park4103503:17:11
Kaz Willimott4130303:19:21
charlie taylor4350504:21:31
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