Singh’s full while Harrier Trio only have a half

On Sunday morning we had four athletes in action at the Town Moor. With a 9:30 start, Harry Singh, who may have ran a marathon or two (140+) in his running years took to the start line.

The Town Moor is a multi lap event, 7 full laps for the full and 3 and a half for the half. It’s pretty flat with a few gentle inclines and mainly on paths, although the man made gravel type paths aren’t the best to run on.

Provisional results are out for the marathon but Harry is missing so will get clarity on that for next week but he was going strong! In the half marathon, again official results have not been released but Paul Cook was first Harrier home in 5th place in 1:26:47 after some early pace setting from David Bracken who finished in 1:31:03 and Zoe Rogers 1:54:32 for a new personal best.

Well done all of you and pray for Harry!

Zoe Rogers

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