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Many of you will have seen the post on Social Media about a partnership we have entered with the women’s only group SISTERS R DOING IT (SRDI) and some of you have questioned why do we need this when we have an excellent Beginner Group already.

First of all, can I say I absolutely agree with this statement. We do have an Excellent Beginner Group and Anneli and the coaches have done a superb job since we introduced this around 3 years ago. We have seen many people joining the club on the back of this and this will continue as normal and will be the first place we will point new members to. What’s different is with the SRDI group, they offer a 10 week programme which is different to the on- going coaching that we offer with joiners receiving a medal on completion so there’s a start and finish point. Speaking as someone who deals with membership enquiries for the club there is a demand out there for a women only group. Harry Prince used to run a Harriers Ladies only group back in the day which had over 50 members and this is something that we have spoken about doing in the future… wonder Harry is looking so fit at 80!!!

Through feedback we know there are many reasons why some women prefer to be in a women’s only club initially. This could be down to being body conscious, have a lack of confidence, low self esteem or just know that women understand women feelings better. We’ve had people join from These Girls Can Run group so we have the insight and know there is a demand out there.

There’s some further detail overleaf about SRDI but this group, like our Beginner group is there to cater for everyone’s needs, to promote health and well being, rather than just an outlet to signing new members (of course we love them to join us).

As part of the SRDI group, Emma will be promoting joining a running club as part of their 10 week programme and specifically what our club can offer. Women who join women only groups today will be given little direction as to which club they should join at the end of their programme whereas Emma will be able to give some assurance as to how supportive our club are to all ages, abilities and not gender specific….so don’t be surprised to see people joining the clubs Beginner group directly from SRDI.


Darlington Harriers are now working in Partnership with Sisters R Doing It (SRDI) to ensure all potential members are catered for. From 8th January 2018, SRDI will be offering a 10 week programme teaches women and girls how to run and to run with confidence. These sessions are fun and friendly and supportive. This group is managed by Emma Campbell-Critchley.


Members of these groups can become a member of Darlington Harriers at any point and continue to be a part of SRDI, discounted memberships will be given to anyone signing up to either of the SRDI groups. More information about joining the Harriers can be found here.

About the SRDI Groups

Beginner Group Women and girls (12+) of any level of ability, size and ethnicity are encouraged to participate in this unique running programme. This 10 week programme is designed for women only, to teach you the knowledge and techniques to run from complete beginner level to three miles. Even if you are unfit and have never run before, the ‘SRDI’ groups can help you get started giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals. These sessions are friendly, fun and social offering encouragement, support and to help more people to run, and to run more often. All our run leaders are fully qualified, friendly, and supportive and aim to help and guide you through your running programme. Only £25 – Includes a three miles achieved medal on completion. You can enrol up until the 3rd week. Branded running tech t-shirts are available and Specially designed running water bottles. For more details ask your Run Leader.

Aspiring Group This group is open to anyone who is already running on a regular basis. So for all you ladies who have already completed the 10 week beginner programme this is an ideal group for you. You don’t have to be fast, super fit or even run the whole way, all we ask is that you come along and enjoy the session and have fun. You don’t have to have completed the beginner programme to access the aspiring groups if you are out there running, why not join a group of like-minded women. These weekly sessions are varied to improve your stamina, pace and tackle those beastly hills that we don’t like. The group is made up of women of all ages, shapes & sizes, abilities and are extremely supportive. Only £20 for 10 weeks.

Branded running tech t-shirts are available. Specially designed running water bottles. For more details ask your Run Leader. *Please note – transferable refunds only.

No need to book now just simply turn up on enrolment and pay on the day! Darlington Beginners Day: Monday’s Time/start date: 6.30pm 15th January 2018 (week 1) Meeting point: Stanhope Park, Stanhope Rd S, Darlington DL3 7SQ Enrolment: 6:30pm 8th January 2018 – Bondgate Methodist Church, Bondgate, Darlington DL3 7JJ Aspiring Groups – Simply turn up ready to run! Darlington Aspiring Day: Monday’s Time/start date: 6.30pm 8th January 2018 Meeting point: Stanhope Rd N, Darlington DL3 7AU

Emma Campbell-Critchley

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