Michael is King at Penne 24

On Saturday we had two runners in action, Mike King in the Pennine 24 and Darren Gee in the 39 equivalent event although Darren reported the 39 was closer to 36.5 miles.

The longer version of the 24 that Mike raced started from Low Force to Alston the same start and finish as the ‘24’ but the longer route took in High Cup Nick, Dufton, Great Dunn Fell, little Dunn fell and Cross Fell, which made for quite a section in the midday heat.

Darren reported that he started well and got through the first 20 miles strongly and derailed somewhat and blew massively doing the climb to Great Dunn Fell. Darren did make it home in an excellent 7hrs25.

In the 24mile race, Mike ‘Baggins’ King tore through the route in 3hrs 56 mins and finished top dog from the small field of around 40 runners. Can’t imagine where the other runners may have been, it’s not like there was a football match on anywhere…..

Fantastic effort from both Darren and Mike, long distance running in this heat is very tough but glad to see you both come home in one piece.
Darren takes a selfie with his large crevass

Darren Gee

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