Juniors Head to Richmond For Final NYSD Meet

It doesn’t seem long since the first of the 6 NYSD cross country meetings kicked off at Acklam back in October. There have been thrills and spills on the way, injuries to contend with and a few new faces we’ve introduced. But here we are, at the final meeting of what’s been a fantastic series of races.

Under 11 Boys We’ve mentioned previously how successful Hugo Douglas-Reeves has been at the school cross countries, and more recently how amazingly well he’s been doing at Blyth’s Sports Hall Series…..but this was his first attempt at an NYSD cross country – and what an impressive first run it was. He got stuck in the pack at the start which probably cost him a place, but he’s still a year young and certainly showed he’s a force to be reckoned with. He finally crossed the line in 4th place, in an excellent time of 8:30. The word is, he really enjoyed it, so he’ll be back again next season for more. Well done,Hugo, a tremendousNYSD debut!☺

Under 11 Girls It’s been a fantastic season for Savannah Tarn. She’s never missed a race, and managed to score in every round of this NYSD series so far….and today she added another 4 valuable points to her total by finishing in 7th place. An excellent time too of 9:05. Well done, Savannah, a tremendous achievement!

Under13 Boys What a tremendous year group this is, in both the boys and the girls! High in numbers and big on talent, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to report on these future champions this season! From the Under 11’s we saw for the first time last year, they’ve developed into proper young athletes, and it’s been fantastic to see. There were five of our boys here today. Alex Boyer has really made a name for himself this year, and he was the first of them to cross the finish line today. He’s had an incredible NYSD season and he added another 7 points to his total by coming 4th in a time of 9:34. If our reckoning is right that makes him 2nd overall for the full series! A fantastic achievement, Alex, well done!

Not far behind was a blur of blue and white vests as our other four boys finished in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th! The first of them was Dylan Wilson who’s had a string of excellent results this season, and today he added to that when he crossed the line in 9:43. Top running, Dylan, well done! Next up in 7th place was Harry Lyons who made his debut for the club at the last NYSD meeting at Ormesby. He made his mark in that race when he finished 4th, and another great result today, crossing the line just a second behind Dylan in 9:44. Well done, Harry, keep up the good work!

Just 5 seconds behind Harry in 8th place was another one of this season’s success stories, Josh Scott. Josh has made huge progress throughout the season and shows no signs of stopping just yet! Another excellent result today, Josh, well done! And hot on Josh’s heels was another regular of our Under 13 crew, Louis Brett. Louis always impresses with his relentless determination, and once again he’s produced another great result. This time it was 9th in exactly 10.00 minutes. A fantastic effort, Louis, well done.
In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s all 5 boys finishing in the top 10! Not surprisingly they took 1st place in the team event – well deserved and what a way to finish the series. Congratulations boys! An outstanding effort from all!

Under13 Girls There were four of our Under 13 girls in action today who added to the boys’ excellent results, with some top notch performances of their own! The first of them to cross the line was Sophia Hill. She has just run the one race in the series before today coming 4th, and this time she impressed again with another fine performance, finishing 5th in an excellent time of 10:19. A tremendous effort Sophia, well done. Hot on her heals was Libby Hammond who’s been a regular face throughout this series, putting in some terrific runs on the way. Today she added another healthy 5 points to her total, finishing in 6th place in a time of 10:24. Great stuff, Libby, well done! Next up, another new name to add to our list, Macy Kelly. This was her NYSD debut, and what a fantastic first run she had. Finishing just seconds behind Libby in 7th place in an excellent time of 10:39. Well done, Macy, it’s great to have you on board. We look forward to seeing you in action again soon! ☺

It was great to see Tori Buckley back at the NYSD’s again. Earlier in the season was hampered by the plantar fasciitis, so she’s been working her way back to full fitness since then. Some top running today though, finishing in 9th place in a time of exactly 11:00 minutes. Nice one ‘Buckers

The Fab Four! L-R: Sophia, Libby, Macy and Tori

Not to be outdone by the boys, all the girls also finished in the top 10, taking 2nd place in the team event – a tremendous achievement! And like we said at the start of this piece, what a talented bunch this year group are! Well done to all!

Under15 Girls It was quite a small field this time for the Under 15 Girls, and only one of our junior Harriers. Mia Wetherill has been a regular competitor at both club and school cross country races this season, and she seems to be improving all the time. Her results have been impressive and today she topped them all with a tremendous performance, finishing in 1st place! A comfortable victory as well with a gap of 21 seconds between her and 2nd place, crossing the line in an excellent 18:26. Fantastic effort, Mia, well done!

Under17 Girls Another regular face who has continued to impress this season is Mille Grayson. This was her fifth appearance in this series, and she’s scored highly in each one, and today she did it again. After one of her strongest runs this year, she was the 3rd Under 17 to cross the line, in a time of 25:07. Top running, Millie, and another 8 points in the bag, well done!
There have been some excellent individual and team performances over the last 6 meetings, which will reflect in the overall final results when they’re published – we’ll keep you updated. Congratulations to all involved; it’s certainly been another successful NYSD for Darlington Harriers – a tremendous effort from all! #UTH!

Huge thanks to Karen Harland for the use of her photos. You can see more from this event by clicking here

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