Focus on Paul Allan

Although we covered the South Park 20 race in last week’s report I wanted to give Paul Allan a huge shout out, not just for his effort last week where he smashed his 20 mile best as he romped to a 1:58 but for his work ethic in training.

Paul, like many others at the club, trains exceptionally hard, pushing himself in training, doing all the long endurance runs and intervals that none of us exactly enjoy but benefit you as an athlete.

There are no short cuts in training and it’s all too easy to say “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’ll just run 4 miles instead of 5”….i know with the poor weather I was certainly tempted to keep the front door shut and put the kettle on!!

People like Paul and Jeff Miller should be looked at by us all as good examples and inspirational people who have proved no matter where they started from, with the right level of focus and training you can achieve anything….no matter how old you are!

Keep up the good work gentleman!

Paul Allan

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