Weekly Round up w/e 22nd January

The Weekly round-up of club activities covering all disciplines and age groups. This report will not provide you with a detailed account of each event but should give you enough information about what’s occurred the previous week, who’s participated and links to photographs and results. We encourage all members, parents and anyone associated with the club to provide us with any content that may enhance the information that is shared each week.

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Club Championship Points can be found here

Race Results

On a bitterly cold Sunday at South Park the club once again hosted Trevor McDermot’s brainchild, the two person event the Marathon Paarlauf. Seventy Five teams signed up to run the event and with the odd exception turned up to brave the cold weather. This event consists of each runner completed 13 x 1mile loops in a relay with their running partner before completing the final 385yards together….the glory lap. Despite a sign being placed incorrectly on the first lap which cut off 0.1 of a mile for the first batch of runners but this was quickly resolved.

I know we speak about how great our volunteers are at these events but Sunday really couldn’t have happened without these incredible individuals who gave up countless hours to cheer our athletes, count their laps and do whatever necessary to make the event a success….and they did just that. I know he will hate me saying this but Trevor McDermot and his wife Linda were at the park prior to junior parkrun to get the kit out of the lockup in preparation for the event…then support junior parkrun, manage the event and then clear up before getting home in darkness. This is before going through the results and ensuring that each lap has been captured before the results are shared. The level of support, not from these two incredible human beings but the rest of the volunteers has not gone amiss with dozens of feedback messages verbally on the day, on social media, messenger or via email. Take a bow folks, you’ve earned the plaudits! Unfortunately we didn’t get you all on camera but trust me, you were all seen!

Filtered results for club runners

Andrew and Matthew Alderson from Low Fell finished 1st with a new course record of 2.27.38, Kim and Peter Grimoldby from Gateshead Harriers were first mixed team in a combined total of 2.40.36 and first ladies were Abby Barker from Stockton Striders and Helen Scott from Middlesboro. Well done all of you!

“And to your left you will see another tree”. Clear race instructions from Paul
Still smiling after nearly 8hrs in the cold
Our amazing volunteers feeling the cold
Pippa helping out on the day with multiple layers of everything on!
Nova Tarn…cheerleader and singer! who knew
Steven Wilkinson “Boro losing 2-0 to the Mighty Sunderland, may as well have a sandwich”. Nicky, Izzy and some of our volunteers
The Life of Brian (Burdon) “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”
Paul and Chris crossing for 3rd place on the day
Paul G and running partner David
Louise and Barry loving life
Phil and Kenny completing the marathon
Brian and Justin celebrating Ross Stewarts opening goal
Parks in the Park

Sarah Tomlinson joined her daughter Rebecca and her boyfriend Max at the Heaton 10km this weekend North of Manchester. This run is definitely not a flat one with plenty undulation around the park’s grounds. Max was the first to finish in 48 minutes with Rebecca and Sarah running together to cross the line in 71 minutes. Great work by you all.

Photos of the day can be found here and full results are here

Rebecca and Sarah finishing the event
Max and Rebecca showing off their race bling

We also had two of our athletes competing at the Carlisle Resolution 10km race this weekend, a course that uses a mixture of quiet country roads which are generally flat or gently undulating. Sean Craggs was first of our two runners to finish, in a time of 45.09 which was a new personal best with Tony Williams three minutes further back in 48.07. Great work gents.

Full results can be found here

Tony and Sean

Last but by no means least, huge thank you to everyone who signed up to support this years McTaggart Trot which unfortunately couldn’t go ahead due to poor weather. Organiser Grant McTaggart handed over a cheque for £1802 to St Teresa’s which they were eternally grateful for. Big shout out to all the local runners and clubs who supported this brilliant event.

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