Weekly Round Up w/e 24th April

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The Weekly round-up of club activities covering all disciplines and age groups. This report will not provide you with a detailed account of each event but should give you enough information about what’s occurred the previous week, who’s participated and links to photographs and results. We encourage all members, parents and anyone associated with the club to provide us with any content that may enhance the information that is shared each week.

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13/07/22Pitstop 10k, 5k & Fun RunENTER
20/08/22South Park 10ENTER
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Race Results

Club Championship Points can be found here

Andrew Bainbridge was our only competitor at the Dalton Park 5km race on Easter Monday a small race with only 23 runners competing (88 choosing the 10km option). Despite a spirited performance from Durham City’s junior runner, Andrew kept her at bay to cross the line in 1st place. The event also hosted a junior run on the day but no Harriers were involved.

Unfortunately there were no photos of Andrew on the day so we’ve had to use some artistic license

Results can be found here

Another event to take place was the City City of York Open on Bank holiday Monday. Hugo Douglas-Reeves was our only Harrier on the day competing in the 800m, High Jump and the 80m High Hurdles. In the 800m Hugo ran a personal best of 2:29.60 and ran a solo run in the high hurdles achieving not only a personal best but breaking his own club record finishing in a time of 14.45. In addition to this Hugo jumped 1.40m in the high jump to finish 1st U15 in the boys.

Results from the competition can be found here

We had a number of our junior athletes competing at the NEGP last night at Monkton Stadium midweek. These NEGP generally mix ages and genders so you often see juniors competing in the same events as the seniors. Elizabeth Clay kicked proceedings off on the evening finishing 1st in her age group in 75m in 10.27 seconds. Elizabeth was back in action in the 150m finishing in 20.84 secs in heat 9 while James I’Anson in heat 6 finished in 23.41. Lottie Graves, competing in heat 5 of the 300m finished in 47.45.

Elizabeth Clay just about recovered from her efforts
James competing in the 150m
Lottie in full flight

In the 1500m race heat 4, it was Macy Kelly who finished first of our trio in 4:58.32 (1st FU17) ahead of Mia Wetherill who crossed in 5:04.80 and Marissa Boon 5:16.39.

Macy Kelly first of our three
Mia giving it all
Marissa another solid run

Heat 5 saw Owen Ovens finish 1st MU15 and second in the field in 4:57.33 with our two junior girls Savannah Tarn finishing in 5:16:28 one place ahead of Libby Hammond who crossed the line in 5:20.00. Daniel I’Anson finished 1st U15 in heat 6 with a time of 5:15.32 while Grace Robinson-Tregear finished 9th in heat 7 in 5:39.13 with Freya Boon crossing the tape in 6:16.58.

Owen 1st U15 boy
Running with Grace

Away from the track, Tomos Cowell was streets ahead of his U13 age group throwing 8.93m in the shot put pool 1 while Lily Thompson dominated pool 2 throwing 9.45m for first place. In the long jump Thomas Hill jumped 4.85m which was good enough for 2nd place overall and 1st in his age group in pool 1. Daniel and James I’Anson also competing in this pool finished with jumps of 4.11m (3rd U15) and 3.52m (1st U13) respectively. Lottie Graves was our only competitor in pool 2 jumped 4.28m for 3rd FU15.

Thomas Hill

Finishing off the night Lily Thompson threw 20.66m in the javelin for 1st FU17 in pool 1 while Thomas Hill finished 1st U15 in pool 2 throwing 21.82m with Tomos Cowell throwing 16.20m, one of two U13’s in the competition. Fantastic results by all of you, future of the club is looking very bright!

Lily Thompson throwing her way to 1st FU17
Tomos throwing it all away….as far as possible
Some of our brilliant juniors

Full league results can be found here

Sunday saw a couple of races take place off road, first of which was at the tough, hill Hamsterley 10k race which James Largey, our only competitor finished in 1st place of the 100 competitors in a speedy 36:21 for a very tough course. This really is a race of two halfs with the first half of the race being a tough climb and the second half a case of switching your brain off and letting your legs fly down a decent. James finished the race in 36:21 nearly 3 minutes ahead of his nearest rival. Ed Lamb also competing on the day finished 5th in 41.52, again a great time on a difficult course. Superb running from both of you. Full results can be found here

The second trail race takes us to Washington where Barry Foster participated the 10k which is part of Trail Outlaws hugely popular Urban Trail Series events. The race winds its way around the wonderful James Steel Park and picks its way around some beautiful woodland trails along the banks of the River Wear. On the day Barry finished the run in 54:58 for 83rd position, great work Barry.

Results can be found here

Great scenery and weather for this event
Bit of bling for Barry

We have a number of our junior athletes competing at Whitley Bay Sunday at the first match of the NEYDL league. Competing with our partner club Allerton the team amassed 556.5 points to finish 3rd place behind winners of Match 1 Harrogate who scored 783 points and North Shields who scored 715. Great to see our junior athletes ahead of some of the North East giants in Gateshead and Morpeth. Brilliant team effort!

Results can be found here

 T18 13B 100m   
6Ethan SweetDarlington/Allerton15.3
 T30 13B 200m   
1Rowan SteelDarlington/Allerton27.8
 T8 13B 800m   
1Rowan SteelDarlington/Allerton2.25.7
 T22 13B 1500m   
3Finn Pentland-RiceDarlington/Allerton05:15.10
 T38 13B 4x100m   
2 Darlington/Allerton61.7
 F28 13B Long Jump   
3James I’AnsonDarlington/Allerton3.56
 F19 13B 400g Javelin   
4Tomos CowellDarlington/Allerton17.71
 F8 13B 3k Shot   
1Tomos CowellDarlington/Allerton9.16
 F39 13B 1k Discus   
1Tomos CowellDarlington/Allerton22.68
 T17 13G 100m   
5Grace Robinson-TregearDarlington/Allerton15.1
 T29 13G 200m   
5Holly NashDarlington/Allerton30.9
 T21 13G 1500m   
3Martha ShakesheffDarlington/Allerton05:46.70
 T1 13G 70mh   
3Olivia ThroupDarlington/Allerton13.4
 T37 13G 4x100m   
4 Darlington/Allerton61
 F17 13G Long Jump   
3India ClayDarlington/Allerton3.58
 F33 13G High Jump   
4Enna CarrickDarlington/Allerton1.1
 F23 13G 400g Javelin   
3Beth JohnsonDarlington/Allerton8.93
 F38 13G 2.72k Shot   
6Beth JohnsonDarlington/Allerton4.48
 T16 15B 100m   
4Aaron KurianDarlington/Allerton12.8
 T32 15B 200m   
4Thomas HillDarlington/Allerton26.6
 T35 15B 300m   
4Cameron HendersonDarlington/Allerton54
 T10 15B 800m   
5William HorlockDarlington/Allerton2.47.8
 T24 15B 1500m   
5Cameron HendersonDarlington/Allerton05:27.20
 T40 15B 4x100m   
3 Darlington/Allerton54.9
 F24 15B Long Jump   
2Josh DavisonDarlington/Allerton4.45
 F7 15B High Jump   
4Thomas HillDarlington/Allerton1.5
 F37 15B 600g Javelin   
2Josh DavisonDarlington/Allerton14.18
 T15 15G 100m   
3Jess SweetDarlington/Allerton13
 T31 15G 200m   
3Jess SweetDarlington/Allerton27.4
 T34 15G 300m   
5Lottie GravesDarlington/Allerton47.6
 T9 15G 800m   
3Lucy BootDarlington/Allerton2.32.4
 T23 15G 1500m   
1Zara JonesDarlington/Allerton4.49.8
 T3 15G 75mh   
2Lucy BootDarlington/Allerton13.9
 T39 15G 4x100m   
4 Darlington/Allerton55.3
 F1 15G Long Jump   
2Lottie GravesDarlington/Allerton4.32
 F21 15G High Jump   
4Ella TaddDarlington/Allerton1.15
 F10 15G 500g Javelin   
6Grace DerryDarlington/Allerton13.09
 F25 15G 1k Discus   
4Maddison MillerDarlington/Allerton13.77
 F18 15G 3k Shot   
3Maddison MillerDarlington/Allerton7.32
 T14 17M 100m   
4Charlie MortonDarlington/Allerton12.7
 T28 17M 200m   
5Charlie MortonDarlington/Allerton26.4
 T36 17M 400m   
4Angus CorcoranDarlington/Allerton60.1
 T12 17M 800m   
4Angus CorcoranDarlington/Allerton2.28.6
 T26 17M 1500m   
3Dylan WilsonDarlington/Allerton4.44.9
 F20 17M Long Jump   
3Charlie MortonDarlington/Allerton4.89
 F34 17M Triple Jump   
1Ethan HarrisonDarlington/Allerton11.01
 F6 17M High Jump   
1Ethan HarrisonDarlington/Allerton1.5
 F27 17M 5k Shot   
2Ethan HarrisonDarlington/Allerton8.55
 T13 17W 100m   
4Beth SullockDarlington/Allerton12.9
 T27 17W 200m   
3Tori BuckleyDarlington/Allerton28.5
 T33 17W 300m   
5Libby HammondDarlington/Allerton45.4
 T11 17W 800m   
3Libby HammondDarlington/Allerton2.31.3
 T25 17W 1500m   
2Macy KellyDarlington/Allerton4.58.8
 T4 17W 80mh   
3Evie SmithDarlington/Allerton15.3
 T41 17W 4x100m   
2 Darlington/Allerton55.5
 F9 17W Long Jump   
3Tori BuckleyDarlington/Allerton4.28
 F26 17W 1k Discus   
1Lily ThompsonDarlington/Allerton26.62
 F31 17W 3k Shot   
1Tori BuckleyDarlington/Allerton10.48
 T18 13B 100m   
5James I’AnsonDarlington/Allerton15.5
 T8 13B 800m   
2James ThroupDarlington/Allerton2.44.4
 F28 13B Long Jump   
5Ethan SweetDarlington/Allerton2.81
 F8 13B 3k Shot   
1David-Patrick CardieDarlington/Allerton5.96
 T17 13G 100m   
5Isla MassinghamDarlington/Allerton16.5
 T29 13G 200m   
1Isobel CookDarlington/Allerton31.3
 T21 13G 1500m   
1Chloe GrahamDarlington/Allerton05:54.80
 T1 13G 70mh   
3Chloe GrahamDarlington/Allerton15.6
 F17 13G Long Jump   
2Martha ShakesheffDarlington/Allerton3.4
 F38 13G 2.72k Shot   
3Enna CarrickDarlington/Allerton4.33
 T32 15B 200m   
3Aaron KurianDarlington/Allerton27.2
 T10 15B 800m   
3Joshua KitchingDarlington/Allerton2.48.9
 F24 15B Long Jump   
1Daniel I’AnsonDarlington/Allerton4.2
 F7 15B High Jump   
1Josh DavisonDarlington/Allerton1.45
 T15 15G 100m   
2Elizabeth ClayDarlington/Allerton13.3
 T31 15G 200m   
3Elizabeth ClayDarlington/Allerton29
 T34 15G 300m   
2Lucy BootDarlington/Allerton48.1
 T9 15G 800m   
1Freya TalmanDarlington/Allerton2.32.9
 T23 15G 1500m   
1Savannah TarnDarlington/Allerton5.15.1
 T3 15G 75mh   
3Grace DerryDarlington/Allerton14.6
 F1 15G Long Jump   
2Jess SweetDarlington/Allerton4.01
 F18 15G 3k Shot   
4Ella TaddDarlington/Allerton5.25
 T36 17M 400m   
2Tristan BakerDarlington/Allerton73.8
 T26 17M 1500m   
3Tristan BakerDarlington/Allerton5.15.0
 T13 17W 100m   
4Evie SmithDarlington/Allerton13.8
 T33 17W 300m   
5Islay WilsonDarlington/Allerton50.2
 T25 17W 1500m   
2Islay WilsonDarlington/Allerton5.12.9
 F9 17W Long Jump   
4Islay WilsonDarlington/Allerton2.72
 F31 17W 3k Shot   
1Lily ThompsonDarlington/Allerton9.75
 T18 13B 100m   
3David-Patrick CardieDarlington/Allerton15.7
4James ThroupDarlington/Allerton15.8
 T8 13B 800m   
1James I’AnsonDarlington/Allerton2.47.3
 T29 13G 200m   
1Martha ShakesheffDarlington/Allerton31.5
4Chloe ProudDarlington/Allerton33.2
 T7 13G 800m   
 T21 13G 1500m   
1Maisie DaviesDarlington/Allerton05:55.80
 T1 13G 70mh   
3Isla MassinghamDarlington/Allerton16.9
 F17 13G Long Jump   
1Olivia ThroupDarlington/Allerton3.15
4Chloe GrahamDarlington/Allerton2.88
 F38 13G 2.72k Shot   
2Maisie DaviesDarlington/Allerton4.25
3Isobel CookDarlington/Allerton4.22
 T32 15B 200m   
4Joshua KitchingDarlington/Allerton32.2
 F24 15B Long Jump   
1William HorlockDarlington/Allerton3.69
2Joshua KitchingDarlington/Allerton2.94
 F7 15B High Jump   
1William HorlockDarlington/Allerton1.35
 T15 15G 100m   
5Kitty IllingworthDarlington/Allerton14.9
 T31 15G 200m   
4Mhairi CorcoranDarlington/Allerton30.8
6Kitty IllingworthDarlington/Allerton31.9
 T34 15G 300m   
4Ella TaddDarlington/Allerton54.6
 T9 15G 800m   
1Lottie GravesDarlington/Allerton2.37.2
2Mhairi CorcoranDarlington/Allerton2.41.0
 T23 15G 1500m   
1Grace DerryDarlington/Allerton5.18.2
 F1 15G Long Jump   
3Kitty IllingworthDarlington/Allerton3.14
 F18 15G 3k Shot   
3Mhairi CorcoranDarlington/Allerton4.61

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