Virtual 5k Relay (June 2020)

Huge thank you to all the athletes who supported this event, the results are in…

Outstanding performances and excellent runs from all the athletes, the team of Steven Craggs and Ed Lamb (or “Steve-Ed Cr-amb” as we’re dubbing them) came out on top with a combined time of 20.49. Both Steven & Ed exceeded their estimated times with excellent runs.

There was just one second between Iain McCulloch (9.03) and Jake Brown (9.04) for the fastest individual – great runs for both, although Jake measured around 0.02 of a mile further, so could have cost himself a few seconds ?‍♂️

In amongst our Senior athletes we had great performances from a couple of our Junior athletes, with Mia Wetherill clocking 9.43 and Olivia Douglas-Reeves posting 11.16 for the 2.5k distance.

Virtual 5k Relay Results

#5Steven Craggs & Ed Lamb11.129.3720.49
#6Olivia Douglas-Reeves & Lee Hammond11.1610.5522.11
#8Deborah Jefferies & Jake Brown13.349.0422.38
#9David Nalder & Dave Smith12.1510.3422.49
#11Tony Roberts & Michael Dolan12.2310.3122.54
#12Rob Stewart & Michael Cooper12.4510.2223.07
#7Elizabeth Hugill & Linda Noble13.2310.1823.41
#1Sarah Addison & Sue Phillips13.4210.0023.42
#10Julie Richardson & Mia Wetherill14.229.4324.05
#4Dana Birkett & Andy Harrison14.329.3724.12
#2Ian Barnes & Iain McCulloch15.209.0324.23
#3Hilary Bevan & Tom Leighton14.559.5024.45

Another succesful virtual event, although these type events can’t compare to the real racing, they do give us something to aim for and a great opportunity for athletes to support our chosen charity and our club.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next event

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