Valiant Performance At Third Valhalla

Of all the virtual competitions there have been during lockdown, one of the most popular has been the series of Valhalla Virtual Shot Competitions.

The third one took place at the weekend and, once again, it attracted athletes from around the world, including three of our very own Junior Girls.

Rosie Thompson, Lily Thompson and Tori Buckley have competed in all three Valhallas and have produced some tremendous results along the way. This is how the talented trio got on this time…

Rosie Thompson (U20, 4kg)

Lily (left) and Rosie Thompson

Unfortunately, Rosie had a minor injury to her usual throwing arm, her right, but she didn’t let that put her off; she took part anyway throwing left handed!

Obviously her results were down on her usual best, but the ambidextrous shot putter gave it her all nonetheless. Her best on the day was a surprisingly impressive 6.82m.

Nice one, Rosie!

Lily Thompson (U15, 3kg)

Lily had a cracking day, improving once again on the last Valhalla competition. This time every throw was over 10.0m, with her best being 10.79m, which would have been a new PB in an official competition.

Well done, Lily, outstanding!

Tori Buckley (U15, 3kg)

Tori Buckley

You wouldn’t think it, but Tori had been suffering with a nasty case of gastroenteritis in the run up to today’s event.

She’d been out of action for a few weeks, but, determined to compete, and for the four days prior to the event, she did nothing but practice her shot put….and it really paid off!

Tori’s best throw in the last event was 7.72m, but this time every throw landed over 8.0m (except one no throw), with her final throw topping the lot at 8.82m.

A real gutsy performance; well done Buckers!

So, as always, a tremendous effort from our Junior shot putters, continually improving over the three Valhalla Competitions.

We know results are unofficial, but it’s been a great opportunity for our young throwers to see what they’re really capable of.

The future looks good!

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