Triathlete Tori

Under 13 all rounder, Tori Buckley was due to compete in a Pentathlon down in Yorkshire over the weekend but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the lack of entries. However, she was offered a place in the U13s Triathlon in the Yorkshire Combined Events Open/ Championship. A bit different to John’s, this was a track and field triathlon consisting of Shot Putt, Long Jump and the 800m.

Tori was a bit apprehensive to start with as she’d only been back from holiday a few days. But being Tori, she couldn’t resist the draw of competing so, although not feeling 100% she continued anyway. She did ok in the Shot with a best of 6.35m; not bad, but no where near her PB. After a few no jumps she got a nice 3.87m PB in her Long Jump. Unfortunately the 800m didn’t go to plan. She started feeling really unwell part way round. She persevered and managed to finish, but certainly not her best race.

However! She still came home with a nice bronze medal from the Open to add to her collection, so all was not lost.
The latest we here Tori is in bed shivering with a hot water bottle – that doesn’t sound good, especially in this weather! Take care, Tori, we hope to see you back in action again soon

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