Track Subscription

In order to attend club organised coaching activities at Eastbourne Sports Complex, all club members in age groups U13 and above must pay for use of the track time during club hours. Each member has 2 options to pay for their sessions, and they are:

  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)
  • Monthly Subscription

Club training sessions are held on Tuesday & Thursday, from 1730 to 2030. Spaces for each session are limited and are always first-come-first-served. Session information can be found on the Training page. Please book early to avoid disappointment

Use of the track outside of club hours is permitted, and no booking is required, but please check with Eastbourne Sports Complex first to ensure the track is available for use, as other parties may have booked the track for their own use. Any payments not related to club sessions should be paid directly to Eastbourne reception

For those that attend regularly, or even twice per month, the monthly subscription offers savings on PAYG. The more you attend, the more you save.

Both payment options are explained below, but if you have any further queries, or want further clarification, please contact us.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

  1. Cost is set at £4.50 per session
  2. To attend a club session, book via the club website in advance using your member account
  3. Booking on to club sessions remains mandatory
  4. Any member that turns up for a session without a booking may be turned away

Monthly Subscription

  1. Cost is set at £7.00 per month
  2. Subscription renews automatically on the 1st of each month unless cancelled

Purchase Track Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Log in when asked (if not already logged in)
  3. Hit the Subscribe button
  4. Complete the checkout form with First Name/Last Name and your card details
  5. Complete the checkout process to complete the first payment
  6. Once completed, confirmation will be shown on screen
  7. Subscription is £7.00/month, but when purchased part way through a month, the amount charged is pro-rata until the end of the current month

Managing your subscription

  1. You can manage your subscription at
  2. If you cancel your subscription, it remains valid for the remainder of the month already paid for
  3. If the club cancel your subscription, it remains valid for the remainder of the month already paid for
  4. Your subscription will renew automatically on the 1st of each month unless cancelled by you, the club, or your payment card expires/changes. If it cannot renew automatically, your subscription will lapse/expire.
  5. A subscription that lapses (cancelled or expired) means pricing will revert to full session price when you next book onto a session.
  6. A track subscription entitles you to attend club sessions at Eastbourne during club hours only (Tue and Thu – 1730 to 2030)
  7. If you attend track at times outside of club hours, you should go to reception and pay for your session directly with the complex
  8. Coaches/Volunteers of the club cannot accept payment at club training sessions, and you cannot pay reception.
  9. If you have difficulty signing onto the website, please contact for assistance
  10. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp/Text/Phone to the club number on 07774 293 527

Session booking rules

  1. Booking onto track session remains mandatory.
  2. If you have not taken out a track subscription, or booked on at the price shown prior session starting, you should not attend
  3. The coach reserves the right to turn away anybody not booked on prior to the session starting
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