North Eastern Counties Cross Country Association

A solid gold medal from North Eastern Counties Cross Country Association inscribed “Senior J Blenkhorn 1898.” Now sits proudly with his grandson Jim Blenkhorn.

His grandson was led to believe that he stopped racing when he was leant on more than once to throw a race for money! Apparently, in those days, illegal bets were placed at these athletic meetings which were held all over the North of England and his Grandfather was very good at running and winning hence the pressure being applied to him to make him throw a race.
Some other items such as clocks, silver trays, medals and one sideboard still exist in his family.


Another Darlington Harriers medal from the late 1800’s won by James, this one presented for the Poole Cup Team Race.

Both James and his wife Nelly are buried in the graveyard of the church of St Cuthbert in Forcett village, just outside Darlington

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