The Fantastic 5

This week we have seen five of our club members receive recognition from the Darlington Sports Awards due to their outstanding contribution to sport through supporting people through the lock-down period and for individual achievements.


Although there have been many club members who have done some excellent work, Mark Tallon for his successful “Back to Track” events which were superbly run to support the athletics community despite many restrictions, Michael Watson and Jen Harrison for their ‘over and above’ support work with the clubs Couch 2 5k group, ensuring that those going through the process were still engaged, supported on runs to achieve goals, Ollie Porter for a number of new personal bests in 100, 200 and 400m para events and Ian Barnes magic mile UK record at the young age of 85 were selected as winners for this years Virtual town sports awards.

Congratulations to all five of you and to all other winners and nominations, the club are very fortunate to have you as ambassadors and thank you for your time and efforts.

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