Summer Coast

We saw a big turnout at the midweek coast run this evening. To see how all of our runners and riders got on full results can be found here with a list of Harriers below.

Paul Allan late for work as he chases down Shaun Marshall
John Cook
Tina Corah, Anthony Seaman in action whilst Russ Adams and Paul Lowe finish 7th and 8th in equal time
POSNameTeam NameChip Time 
13Shaun MARSHALLDarlington H & AC17:11
16Paul ALLANDarlington H & AC17:33
27Graham HINDMARSHDarlington H & AC18:17
28Paul COOKDarlington H & AC18:18
31Barry TALMANDarlington H & AC18:21
33Jeff MILLERDarlington H & AC18:23
34Philip TEECEDarlington H & AC18:25
38Louise TALMANDarlington H & AC18:47
47Peter ARMSTRONGDarlington H & AC19:10
51Neville FORDDarlington H & AC19:32
62Justin Adam HINDMARCHDarlington H & AC20:03
63Graham GARVEYDarlington H & AC20:04
66Stephen SMITHDarlington H & AC20:11
68Andrew PARKDarlington H & AC20:30
72LINDA NOBLEDarlington H & AC20:37
75Steven ELLIOTTDarlington H & AC20:41
77Jade HUTCHINSONDarlington H & AC20:43
78Sue PHILLIPSDarlington H & AC20:47
79MEGAN NOBLEDarlington H & AC20:49
82Tom ADDISONDarlington H & AC20:52
96Martin PHILLIPSDarlington H & AC21:29
99Pauline BROWNDarlington H & AC21:30
102Anthony SEAMANDarlington H & AC21:44
106Stephen GARDNERDarlington H & AC21:49
122Iain GIRARDDarlington H & AC22:57
128Emma MORLEYDarlington H & AC23:28
134Wesley ATKINSDarlington H & AC23:51
146Rebecca BUTLERDarlington H & AC24:28:00
147Lesley MILLERDarlington H & AC24:28:00
149James GARDNERDarlington H & AC24:43:00
156Antoni HALLDarlington H & AC25:01:00
163Anne HUTCHINSONDarlington H & AC25:23:00
165Shirley GIBSONDarlington H & AC25:36:00
170John COOKDarlington H & AC25:54:00
179Ian BARNESDarlington H & AC27:05:00
192Tina CORAHDarlington H & AC28:58:00
202Jayne GIRARDDarlington H & AC31:16:00

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