Rutherford returns at Darlington 10k

There was another large turnout at this years Darlington 10km race, a race which sees runners racing from the back of Boyes completing two laps of a 3 mile route before turning onto Skinnergate and onto High Row for a finish in front of everyone’s friends and families.

It was Jamie Rutherford who was first home for the club finishing 33rd in 35.20 but we saw many category winners across the club.

Superb turn out by Darlington’s number one club!

Full results can be found here

Jade Hutchinson one of many category winners at the Darlington 10k, here winning 1st FJ
PosFirst NameSurnameCATClubChip Time
33JamieRUTHERFORDM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:35:20
45ColinTAYLORM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:36:17
56ShaunMARSHALLM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:36:58
61NathanHEMINGBROUGHM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:37:16
64SimonROGERSM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:37:24
66PaulALLANM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:37:28
70GrahamHINDMARSHM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:37:44
85PaulCOOKM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:38:14
86PhilipTEECEM55Darlington Harriers & AC00:38:15
102AlisonMATTHEWSF35Darlington Harriers & AC00:38:55
107GarryCOLLINSONM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:39:15
109DavidMCKENNAM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:16
111BarryTALMANM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:20
115PeterARMSTRONGM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:39:31
123NevilleFORDM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:39:47
132LouiseTALMANF35Darlington Harriers & AC00:40:02
136GrahamO’HARAM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:40:16
141DeanHIGHAMM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:16
144TomLEIGHTONM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:26
145AndrewPARKM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:40:38
150MarkHAYMERM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:40:50
163BarryFOSTERM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:41:14
165StevenWILKINSONM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:41:15
168SuePHILLIPSF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:41:27
192DavidBRACKENM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:41:57
206LindaNOBLEF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:20
208JamieBALDASERAM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:42:17
213BarryBELLM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:22
228JeffMILLERM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:45
232DavidTOMLINSONM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:57
233RonnieREADM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:42:45
239PaulKEEDYM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:43:09
240CorinneMURRAYF35Darlington Harriers & AC00:43:09
246KarlHUMEM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:43:12
247JadeHUTCHINSONF JDarlington Harriers & AC00:43:13
259MichaelSANGSTERM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:43:32
287MarkMILNERM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:24
293GrahamBELLM60Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:31
308GrahamGARVEYM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:33
311MartinPHILLIPSM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:44:55
328NigelCARRIGANM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:45:12
347PaulKELLYM55Darlington Harriers & AC00:45:34
368PaulineBROWNF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:45:33
379AndrewGLENCROSSM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:46:04
404ClarePARKF SDarlington Harriers & AC00:46:40
421JohnBRISCHUKM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:46:58
427CharlotteKNOWLESF SDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:11
436KatieNOBLEF JDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:28
451JonathanBOYLEM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:24
452WesleyATKINSM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:29
455StevenELLIOTTM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:33
458EmmaMORLEYF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:30
459PeterO’NEILLM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:47:33
460RobertAUSTINM60Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:51
461IanBROWNM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:45
468LesleyMILLERF45Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:24
469BalbinderSINGHM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:25
470MichaelWATSONM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:52
480AndrewWILLIAMSONM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:34
486SimonDANIELSM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:47:34
524PeterDODSM55Darlington Harriers & AC00:48:26
545AntoniHALLM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:48:04
558MartinWHITFIELDM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:48:52
567RebeccaCARTERF SDarlington Harriers & AC00:49:07
583JaneTEAGUEF55Darlington Harriers & AC00:49:22
591SarahTOMLINSONF40Darlington Harriers & AC00:49:58
637SeanCONNOLLYM JDarlington Harriers & AC00:50:55
639AlysonWILLIAMSONF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:50:35
640TaiCHARLTONM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:50:35
648Andrew StephenGIBSONM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:50:45
660DavidAIKENM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:50:26
699NeilEMBLETONM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:51:22
743CarlWATSONM SDarlington Harriers & AC00:52:21
757MarionHARTF40Darlington Harriers & AC00:52:56
796AnneHUTCHINSONF45Darlington Harriers & AC00:53:30
884JohnCOOKM40Darlington Harriers & AC00:54:17
898GemmaRAPERF SDarlington Harriers & AC00:54:44
950JulieBECKF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:55:45
987DennisDALEM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:55:43
1023DaveHAMERM50Darlington Harriers & AC00:58:04
1031AnneliMACKENZIE BROWNF40Darlington Harriers & AC00:58:17
1080TraceyOWENF SDarlington Harriers & AC00:58:01
1096TinaCORAHF50Darlington Harriers & AC00:57:42
1112ShirleyGIBSONF65Darlington Harriers & AC00:59:31
1136LizzieBLUNDELLF60Darlington Harriers & AC00:58:54
1170BrianBURDONM60Darlington Harriers & AC00:59:12
1176MartinMCGREGORM45Darlington Harriers & AC00:59:58
1199LouiseWILLIAMSONF JDarlington Harriers & AC01:00:50
1232NataliaWATSONF SDarlington Harriers & AC01:01:58
1263AndreaREESEF45Darlington Harriers & AC01:01:13
1279HarbhagSINGHM70Darlington Harriers & AC01:00:57
1319GeorgePRINCEM75Darlington Harriers & AC01:02:21
1327StephenDAUBERM60Darlington Harriers & AC01:01:53
1389DawnMCCREADYF35Darlington Harriers & AC01:05:04
1452JulieBELLF45Darlington Harriers & AC01:07:28
1454EmmaIVEYF35Darlington Harriers & AC01:07:28
1465LisaSMEDLEYF40Darlington Harriers & AC01:07:53
1560BrianTHOMPSONM45Darlington Harriers & AC01:14:02
1563PennyIVISONF55Darlington Harriers & AC01:13:28
1574SarahFORSTERF SDarlington Harriers & AC01:14:11
1608LeighHINDLEF40Darlington Harriers & AC01:19:15
1629RachelGIRARDF40Darlington Harriers & AC01:36:12
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