Postman delivers the goods

Another event to take place on Sunday was Chester marathon and another event where a small contingent of Harriers headed to. The route leaves the racecourse and heads into the City centre passing the Town Hall, Cathedral, split level Middle Ages “Rows”, Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre and through the Roman Walls before heading out of the City across the Old Dee Bridge.
The route then leaves Chester past the Duke of Westminster’s estate, through Pulford, before crossing the border into Wales and the villages of Lavister and Rossett. Keeping to the rural lanes runners complete a small loop before entering the historic village of Holt. Then crossing the ancient Roman bridge at Farndon to return to England and the home stretch running through Churton, Aldford and Huntington.

On re-entering the City, runners pass the River Dee along the Groves and Castle Drive before a triumphant finish at the racecourse! The route is largely flat with some short hills or gradual climbs which are predominantly in the second half of the course so not a bad run at all.
Jeff Miller had an outstanding run, blowing his previous best time out of the water finishing 5th in his age category in a fantastic 2:58:21 with Paul Cook in 3:22:41 after the wheels came off in the final 10km after a short training period of training.. Ironically Jeff was in better shape leading into London marathon in April, only to be thwarted by the heat. Outstanding running Jeff well done!

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