Pitstop 10k

We had a huge turnout at the clubs home race, the pitstop 10km which takes place at Croft race circuit and sees competitors undertake 3 laps of the race. Fantastic turnout with over 100 Harriers taking part on the night making this a very successful night for the club. Club results below and full results can be found here

Over 100 Harriers turned out for the Pitstop 10k, July 2016
1235:39:00 Colin Taylor Darlington H
1536:22:00Shaun MarshallDarlington H
1636:33:00Philip TeeceDarlington H
2137:05:00Susie StephenDarlington H
2838:12:00Paul HelliwellDarlington H
3139:08:00Paul AllanDarlington H
3839:36:00Garry CollinsonDarlington H
4139:45:00Paul LoweDarlington H
4439:52:00 Paul Cook Darlington H
4639:59:00Peter ArmstrongDarlington H
4840:08:00Mark HaymerDarlington H
5040:30:00Barry TalmanDarlington H
5140:35:00Sue PhillipsDarlington H
5240:38:00 David Bracken Darlington H
5540:56:00Tom LeightonDarlington H
5641:15:00Graham O’HaraDarlington H
5941:43:00Louise TalmanDarlington H
6542:02:00 Justin Hindmarch Darlington H
6642:08:00Richard John Bowes Darlington H
7142:23:00Stuart ArmstrongDarlington H
7342:31:00Barry FosterDarlington H
7442:43:00Steven ElliottDarlington H
7542:45:00Graham GarveyDarlington H
7642:46:00 Dominic Colley Darlington H
7842:55:00Jade HutchinsonDarlington H
8743:55:00Andrew GlencrossDarlington H
8844:13:00Jamie BaldaseraDarlington H
8944:17:00Pauline BrownDarlington H
9044:27:00Linda NobleDarlington H
9144:30:00Mark Robert MilnerDarlington H
9344:33:00Sharon CarbertDarlington H
9644:46:00 Ian Morris Darlington H
9844:54:00Karl HumeDarlington H
10945:58:00Peter O’NeillDarlington H
11046:09:00John BrischukDarlington H
11146:12:00 Michael Dolan Darlington H
11546:42:00Craig StoddartDarlington H
11646:47:00Martin PhillipsDarlington H
12247:24:00Peter DodsDarlington H
12948:10:00Simon DanielsDarlington H
13148:15:00Stephen McallisterDarlington H
13248:20:00Robert AustinDarlington H
13548:28:00Jeff MillerDarlington H
13848:52:00 Iain Girard Darlington H
14649:37:00Andrew WilliamsonDarlington H
15050:07:00Antoni HallDarlington H
15250:18:00Alyson WilliamsonDarlington H
15751:36:00Anne HutchinsonDarlington H
16051:52:00Marion HartDarlington H
16752:45:00Neil AddymanDarlington H
17153:13:00John CookDarlington H
17453:23:00Shirley GibsonDarlington H
18053:37:00Janice FosterDarlington H
18454:14:00Sarah JohnsonDarlington H
19355:12:00 Julian Pinkney Darlington H
19655:39:00Jared HoldcroftDarlington H
20556:52:00 David Aiken Darlington H
20656:55:00Tina Corah Darlington H
20757:04:00Den DaleDarlington H
22059:32:00Louise WilliamsonDarlington H
22159:40:00Martin McGregorDarlington H
22660:14:00 Andrea Reese Darlington H
23462:39:00Stephen William DauberDarlington H
23663:48:00 Lisa Smedley Darlington H
24567:45:00Dawn McCreadyDarlington H
4239:48:00Nathan SmithDarlington H & AC
10145:14:00Paul A CookDarlington H & AC
10645:42:00Val ClarkeDarlington H & AC
12047:07:00Sean ConnollyDarlington H & AC
13348:24:00Jonathan BoyleDarlington H & AC
13448:27:00Lesley MillarDarlington H & AC
14149:22:00Becci CarterDarlington H & AC
14749:51:00Carl WatsonDarlington H & AC
15150:14:00Sarah TomlinsonDarlington H & AC
16252:01:00Gemma RaperDarlington H & AC
19555:25:00Julie BeckDarlington H & AC
20155:59:00Ian ThreadkellDarlington H & AC
21458:13:00Philip SmithurstDarlington H & AC
21959:08:00Anneli Mackenzie BrownDarlington H & AC
22460:06:00AN OtherDarlington H & AC
23563:13:00Steve TinklerDarlington H & AC
24166:20:00Emma IveyDarlington H & AC
25168:49:00Sally DaleDarlington H & AC
26471:56:00Penny IvisonDarlington H & AC
26672:08:00Sarah ForsterDarlington H & AC
27176:44:00Leigh HindleDarlington H & AC
15651:28:00 Tai Charlton Darlington H/Unattached
Missing from the list is Alison Matthews who was paced by Paul Cook finished in 39.51
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