Night Run For Gabby

For most of us, any 5k run is a challenge in itself, but Gabby Hall’s latest outing added a whole new dimension, as it was run in the dark! Sounds fine if you’re running round the town with plenty of street lighting to see where you’re going, but when you head off road it’s a different ball game. You’re usual running kit will require one extra piece of vital equipment – a head torch!

This was the case in Wednesday’s Tees 5k Night Trail when a host of competitors, from club runners to recreational runners turned out for the event organised by ‘Muddy Roads.’ The route offered a mix of terrain from tarmac to woodland, taking in the Tees Barrage White Water Course, running alongside the River Tees, and seeing the stars at night (if you’re lucky!)

This was Gabby’s first night time trail, but with her coach (DHAC veteran, Phil Teece) running alongside she handled it like a pro.

Phil said…. “when we left the footpath and went on to the trails, Gabby navigated the route very well, always shining the head torch just in front of her to see where she was placing her feet, and taking it easy when needed.”

They even got sent the wrong way for about 20m, but soon managed to get themselves back on track and catch up.

After a fantastic effort, Gabby was the 4th lady to cross the line (14th overall), finishing in an excellent time of 22.01. As a big thank you, Gabby presented her coach with a box of chocolates for all his help and encouragement – well deserved too!

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