NEYDL – Fixture Three – 25th June 2023 – Shildon

Our junior athletes along with supporters, volunteers and officials headed to Shildon on Sunday 25th June for the third fixture of the NEYDL Division One season alongside teammates from Allerton Juniors Athletics Club.

Massive well done and thanks to our officials on the day, Sarah JohnsonBrian BurdonBrian ThompsonLily Thompson, Mia Wetherill, Lucia Florian-Tallon, Trevor McDermot, Mark Tallon and Amy Pickworth – without the team of volunteer officials, these fixtures would not be able to go ahead.

Provisional results (they will be updated during the course of the week) have the DHAC/AJAC team finishing second with 668.5 points, behind Harrogate who scored 830 points.

In total DHAC had 42 athletes competing in 92 events across the day. Between them they set or broke 37 personal bests with one club record being broken on the day:
U17M Hammer – Ashton Harrison – 22.34m (breaking the record from 2016)

In addition to equalling his own Club Record set earlier this season Thomas Hill broke the NEYDL League Record in the U17M Pole Vault with a clearance of 3.70m – this added 30cm to the previous record which was set in 2017.


DHAC had six athletes taking on the barriers:
U13B 75mH: Monty Bowden – 15.07s (PB)
U13B 75mH: James I’Anson – 15.20s (PB)
U13G 70mH: Beth Johnson – 13.79s
U13G 70mH: Isla Massingham – 15.79s
U15G 75mH: Chloe Graham – 14.87s (PB)

U17W 300mH: Tori Buckley – 49.09s


We provided 14 throwers for the team on the day across the age groups and events:
U13B: Jacob Addison – 11.13m (PB)
U13G: Sasha Patterson – 11.08m
U15G: Matilda Owens – 14.64m (PB)
U17M: Jack Wood – 18.12m (PB)
U17W: Madison Miller – 11.88m

U17M: Ashton Harrison – 22.34m (PB and Club Record)

U13B: Jacob Addison – 20.61m (PB)
U13G: Beth Graham – 6.19m
U17M: Jack Wood – 9.37m

U13B: Monty Bowden – 6.31m (PB)
U13G: Beth Johnson – 6.13m
U13G: Charlotte Seniscal – 5.33m (PB)
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 4.36m
U15B: Tomos Cowell – 9.24m
U17M: Josh Davison – 8.50m
U17M: Jack Wood – 5.88m
U17W: Tori Buckley – 10.88m
U17W: Madison Miller – 7.90m


18 sprinters took to the track across the 100m, 200m and 300m races
U13B: Ethan Sweet – 15.01s
U13B: Ollie Curran – unfortunately the race Ollie was in had to be re-run and Ollie took the sensible decision not to run again as he had a 1500m race to run.
U13G: Lexi Adams – 14.70s
U13G: Charlotte Seniscal – 15.79s (PB)
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 16.13s
U15G: Elizabeth Clay – 13.42s
U15G: Izzy Edinboro – 13.79s
U15G: Isabelle Holdcroft – 14.44s (PB)
U17M: Charlie Holdcroft – 12.13 (PB)
U17M: Josh Davison – 12.93s
U17W: Jess Sweet – 13.18s
U17W: Libby Hammond – 13.43s
U17W: Fleur Liddle – 15.78s

U13B: Ethan Sweet – 31.16s (PB)
U13B: Jacob Addison – 35.65s (PB)
U13G: Lexi Adams – 30.09s (PB)
U13G: Sasha Patterson – 32.92s
U15B: Ian Turnbull – 30.67s (PB)
U15G: Elizabeth Clay – 28.71s
U15G: Isabelle Holdcroft – 29.58s (PB)
U17M: Charlie Holdcroft – 24.84s
U17M: Owen Ovens – 26.42s (PB)
U17W: Jess Sweet – 26.97s (PB)
U17W: Libby Hammond – 27.50s (PB)

U15B: Ian Turnbull – 49.01s
U15G: Izzy Edinboro – 44.28s
U17W: Savannah Tarn – 44.63s


16 of the DHAC Team took to the vertical and horizontal jumps:
U13B: Donovan Tarn – 3.32m
U13B: James I’Anson – 3.06m
U13G: Lexi Adams – 3.57m
U13G: Lucie Hammond – 3.04m (PB)
U15G: Elizabeth Clay – 4.10m (PB)
U15G: Charlotte Owens – 3.44m (PB)
U17M: Ashton Harrison – 4.88m
U17W: Libby Hammond – 4.17m (PB)
U17W: Fleur Liddle – 3.48m

U13B: James I’Anson – 1.30m (PB)
U13B: Monty Bowden – 1.30m
U13G: Beth Johnson – 1.20m
U13G: Isla Massingham – 1.15m (PB)
U15B: Ian Turnbull – 1.35m (PB)
U17M: Josh Davison – 1.60m

U17M: Ashton Harrison – 9.97m
U17W: Jess Sweet – 10.12m

U17M: Thomas Hill – 3.70m (NEYDL LEAGUE RECORD)


Across the 800m and 1500m races DHAC had 18 athletes:
U13B: Daniel Callaghan – 2:39.53 (PB)
U13B: Lucas Rogers – 2:43.06
U13G: Charlotte Seniscal – 3:15.73
U13G: Beth Graham – 3:25.48 (PB)
U17M: Owen Ovens – 2:18.47 (PB)
U17W: Savannah Tarn – 2:25.43

U13B: Ollie Curran – 5:04.91 (PB)
U13B: Daniel Callaghan – 5:27.07
U13B: Donovan Tarn – 5:32.56 (PB)
U13G: Sasha Patterson – 5:28.15 (PB)
U15B: Matthew Foster – 4:42.33
U15B: Finn Pentland-Rice – 4:48.39 (PB)
U15B: Tomas Hoole – 4:59.34 (PB)
U15B: Willoughby Croslegh – 5:07.70
U15G: Matilda Owens – 5:11.62
U15G: Charlotte Owens – 5:26.78
U15G: Chloe Graham – 5:54.43
U17M: Freddie Hall – 4:26.75 (PB)
U17W: Freya Talman – 5:06.21


DHAC provided 14 athletes for the relays which close out the fixture:
U13B: Ethan Sweet and Monty Bowden in the team – 57.01s
U13G: Lucie Hammond, Beth Johnson and Charlotte Seniscal in the team – 61.15s
U15G: Izzy Edinboro and Isabelle Holdcroft in the team – 58.22s
U17M: Charlie Holdcroft, Josh Davison, Owen Ovens and Freddie Hall – 49.66s
U17W: Tori Buckley, Fleur Liddle and Libby Hammond in the team – 55.96s

Another fantastic day for the team, with exceptional performances across the board.

Full results can be found HERE and will be posted to Power of Ten soon.

Our Junior athletes continue their busy season with some heading to Birmingham for English Schools on 30th June and 1st July. The next NEGP fixture is coming on 12th July and the final NEYDL of the season back at Whitley Bay on 16th July.

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