McAllister makes the Front Page

On Sunday saw the return of the Great north run, an event which Grows in popularity year on year and now sees 57,000 entries Although many of these will be deferred it still has in excess of 40,000 year in year out which is fantastic for the North East.

Steven McAllister, poster boy
Harry Singh gets some alone time with Gabby Logan.
Lucky dog! #37 done, well done Harry

Through inside knowledge from organisers, Darlington Harriers were Up there with all big hitters, amongst the top 6 biggest clubs on Show. When you think Darlington has around 100k people versus Sunderland and Newcastle City who have at least 4 times that Amount it’s quite staggering.

Over 90 Harriers on show which is another club record (probably something we need to start documenting as we break records on a regular basis).

With shouts of Oggy Oggy Oggy and a pint on offer with just over a Mile to go…where else would you want to be!

Lots of personal bests and personal reasons for running the Great North Run, raising thousands of pounds for charity.

You should all be very proud of yourselves!

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