Last Chance Saloon at Richmond

Richmond was the final destination for this seasons NYSD Cross Country season and with a number of high profile runners missing through injury, work and racing elsewhere it was going to come right down to the wire.

The course is 2 large loops for the ladies which is 5km whilst the men run 1 small loop and 3 large making the race 9.5km. The course can be quite tough due to how exposed it is, so if there is any poor weather, runners will be impacted pretty much 100% of the course.

Results have been released which has our ladies 3rd on the day and men 5th. A fantastic effort by both the men and women on show, if you haven’t done Cross Country then give it a go next season. Yes it’s challenging at times but it’s rewarding and can only make you a stronger athlete.

Thank you to team captains Phil Teece and Lesley Miller for their efforts this term.

Graham Garvey in XC Action at Richmond

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