Hundred and Nineteen not out

Mark Milner headed out Friday to take on the Hardmoors 160 mile race. ‘The Ring Of Steele’ Ultramarathon starts at Sutton Bank and head East along the Cleveland Way to Helmsley. Leaving Helmsley the route will continue east across the moors following the Tabular Hills Route to Scalby and the Clifftops of the Cleveland Way to pick up the Hardmoors 110 route and follow a further 100 miles of this route to the race finish at Helmsley.
The Hardmoors 160 as the name suggests will be a 160 mile single stage Ultra with over 7000 metres of ascent.

This is an unforgiving event and I take my hat off to anyone who even attempts such a thing especially as runners are only given 48 hours to complete the race. Mark, suffering from exhaustion, unable to get warm, hallucinating and actually falling asleep pulled out of the race after 119 miles. This is a phenomenal achievement to even cover this distance so total respect to you Mark, you are an inspiration!

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