Huge Harrier Turnout at NYMAC Relays

Tonight saw the return of the populay NYMAC relays, an event which attracts a good turn out of teams competing over 1 mile with 4 people in a team. Some superb results from a massive turnout on the night from our club. harrier results listed below, with full results here

Another big turnout at the NYMAC relays
Leg Times
Pos#Gender PosNameAgeSexTeam NameTeam/LegLeg TimeLeg Pos
1415Paul Allan MDarlington Harriers A54D05:053
2020Shaun Marshall MDarlington Harriers A54A05:0811
5756Peter Armstrong MDarlington Harriers A54B05:2916
7674Steve Wilkinson MDarlington Harriers A54C05:3418
5250Paul Cook MDarlington Harriers B55C05:2610
9588Karl Hume MDarlington Harriers B55A05:4132
111103Nev Ford MDarlington Harriers B55D05:4928
167143Graham Garvey MDarlington Harriers B55B06:1041
10394Mark Tallon MDarlington Harriers C56A05:4536
10998Ste Smith MDarlington Harriers C56C05:4823
174148Matt Capsey MDarlington Harriers C56B06:1444
203166Paul Keedy MDarlington Harriers C56D06:2553
126111Joseph Reeve MDarlington Harriers D57C05:5430
136121Leon Reeve MDarlington Harriers D57D05:5935
171144Tom Addison MDarlington Harriers D57B06:1242
230180Iain Girard MDarlington Harriers D57A06:3761
152134Michael Dolan MDarlington Harriers E58D06:0440
209170Andrew Glencross MDarlington Harriers E58B06:2850
247189Andy Williamson MDarlington Harriers E58C06:4657
268196Neil Embleton MDarlington Harriers E58A06:5575
16723Linda Noble51FDarlington Harriers F16062A06:1049
21238Pauline Brown53FDarlington Harriers F16062B06:2952
23146Kimberley Reeve45FDarlington Harriers F16062D06:3861
24454Val Clarke58FDarlington Harriers F16062C06:4556
472Catherine Roberts FDarlington Harriers Ladies A61A05:2317
553India Pentland FDarlington Harriers Ladies A61B05:2815
836Emma Hart FDarlington Harriers Ladies A61D05:3618
15920Megan Noble FDarlington Harriers Ladies A61C06:0636
29879Louise Williamson FDarlington Harriers Ladies B63A07:1683
30485Lesley Miller FDarlington Harriers Ladies B63B07:2274
32595Danielle Clarke FDarlington Harriers Ladies B63C07:3477
341109Stephanie Kingdon FDarlington Harriers Ladies B63D07:5185
351117Sara Johnson FDarlington Harriers Ladies C36A08:0195
380135Danielle Todd FDarlington Harriers Ladies C36D08:4595
397150Gill Maltby FDarlington Harriers Ladies C36C10:3699
400153Sara Holmes FDarlington Harriers Ladies C36B11:59100
8177Barry Talman MDarlington Harriers M159D05:3517
8782Andrew Park MDarlington Harriers M159A05:3830
111104Sam Talman MDarlington Harriers M159B05:4926
12313Louise Talman FDarlington Harriers M159C05:5329
197163Anthony Seaman MDarlington Harriers M260A06:2354
272197Wes Atkins MDarlington Harriers M260B06:5866
382136Rachel Maddison FDarlington Harriers M260C08:4794
384138Penny Skilton FDarlington Harriers M260D08:5597
3132Paul Helliwell49MDarlington Harriers M20053D05:168
3840Phil Teece57MDarlington Harriers M20053B05:209
4241Simon Rogers47MDarlington Harriers M20053A05:2116
8075Jeff Miller54MDarlington Harriers M20053C05:3519
145127Justin Hindmarch MDarlington Harriers Mixed 335A06:0243
185154Jeff Miller MDarlington Harriers Mixed 335D06:1848
19230Linda Noble FDarlington Harriers Mixed 335C06:2045
354224Kyle Atkins MDarlington Harriers Mixed 335B08:0386
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