Harriers win at the Handicap

The Gerry Kearsley Handicap is run in January and July over a multi terrain route on trails around Fishburn and Bishop Middleham.  It is free to enter and you can enter on the day. Handicapping is based on 10k times.  The name of the winner is engraved on the Gerry Kearsley Handicap shield.

It was a night for our Harriers to clean up as Paul Lowe and Linda Noble won their respective races. Full Harrier results below.

Paul Lowe and Linda Noble – winner winner
SurnameFirst NameClubEntry timeFinish Time (watch)Handicap (mins)Run Time
TalmanSamuelDarlington Harriers4659.481445.48
TalmanBarryDarlington Harriers4659.491445.49
McKennaDavidDarlington Harriers4260.461842.46
NobleLindaDarlington Harriers4460.51644.50
GirarsIainDarlington Harriers4961.221150.22
LowePaulDarlington Harriers3461.552635.55
ElliottStevenDarlington Harriers4462.471646.47
MillerJeffDarlington Harriers3863.032241.03
KeedyPaulDarlington Harriers4463.211647.21
Mackenzie-BrownAnneliDarlington Harriers6063.23063.23
HutchinsonJadeDarlington Harriers4263.571845.57
HumeKarlDarlington Harriers4064.162044.16
ButterRebeccaDarlington Harriers5164.27955.27
HutchinsonAnneDarlington Harriers5364.43757.43
ReeseAndreaDarlington Harriers10566.45066.45
MillerLesleyDarlington Harriers4967.281156.28
IvisonPennyDarlington Harriers7476.55076.55
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