We’re thinking of setting up a couple of things that will benefit the Club, Charity, and you, the members.

We think that we should donate all charity funds we raise to the NHS.

Understanding that individuals may be feeling the strain financially at the moment, these things are just for fun and there is no pressure, but the more people that get involved the more we raise and the more you could win.

These are a couple of the ideas, if you think you might be interested or think any are worth us progressing, please Contact Us.

Joker Jackpot – 53 cards are placed in numbered envelopes. A weekly draw will determine the weekly prize winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd). The 1st prize winner also gets the chance to win the Joker Jackpot. If they don’t choose the envelope with the Joker, the jackpot rolls over.
Funds are built from entries with 25% going to charity fund, 25% to club funds, 25% to the jackpot fund and 25% to the weekly prizes.

Donate & Win Your Miles – anyone who wants to play pays in 10p per mile for the previous week (Mon to Sun), anyone entered for the week
will be entered into a random draw to win the prize pot.
Funds built from entries with 25% going to charity fund, 25% going to charity fund and 50% to prize fund.

Just looking at the Strava Club, we cover over 2000 miles a week, that’s potentially over £200 in the pot, so £50 in the charity fund, £50 to the club and £100 to the winner. Obviously, the more people that donate their miles the more funds in the pots.

Virtual Races – we’ve already ran a couple of excellent virtual events, and hope to run more, so if you’ve any suggestions, please Contact Us and let us know

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