Fishburn 10k

Louise Talman placed first at the Gerry Kearsley Handicap which is run in January and July over a multi terrain route on trails around Fishburn and Bishop Middleham. 

It’s free to enter and handicapping is based on 10k times. 

The name of the winner is engraved on the Gerry Kearsley Handicap shield….Louise Tolman will be happy!

Louise Talman picks up 1st prize at Fishburn 10k trail race and later in the year receives award for fashion
Pre race photo (left to right  Anneli MacKenzie Brown, Lesley Miller, Andy Park, Emily Halstead, Louise Talman, Dave McKenna, Clare Park, Dom Colley, Charlotte Knowles and Tracey Owen

Lesley Miller, Tracey Owen, Charlotte Knowles, Barry Talman, Dom Colley, Emily Halstead, Clare Park, Andrew Park, Dave McKenna, Justin Hindmarch and Anneli McKenzie-Brown all competed on the night.

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