Everyone active

It was another big turnout at todays Everyone Active 10km race, a race which mirrors the Mermaid 10km race which is held on Good Friday and is very flat and therefore very fast although todays race had a slight detour due to roadworks on the home straight. great to have so many runners wearing the club colours today.

The team photo shoot
PlaceNameTeamChip Time
8Colin TAYLORDarlington H & AC35:20
15Philip TEECEDarlington H & AC36:07
20Shaun MARSHALLDarlington H & AC37:09
26Paul HELLIWELLDarlington H & AC37:46
27Paul COOKDarlington H & AC38:00
28Simon ROGERSDarlington H & AC38:06
39Garry COLLINSONDarlington H & AC39:14
43Neville FORDDarlington H & AC39:50
45Peter ARMSTRONGDarlington H & AC39:59
46Alison MATTHEWSDarlington H & AC40:07
54Dominic COLLEYDarlington H & AC40:54
57Andrew PARKDarlington H & AC41:10
58Sue PHILLIPSDarlington H & AC41:23
63Justin HINDMARCHDarlington H & AC41:33
66John DUNNEDarlington H & AC41:54
68Paul KEEDYDarlington H & AC42:09
74Jamie BALDASERADarlington H & AC42:21
84Linda NOBLEDarlington H & AC43:14
86Jade HUTCHINSONDarlington H & AC43:17
87Steven ELLIOTTDarlington H & AC43:25
88Barry BELLDarlington H & AC43:23
94Corinne MURRAYDarlington H & AC43:51
95Andrew GLENCROSSDarlington H & AC43:49
100Pauline BROWNDarlington H & AC44:09
104Nigel CARRIGANDarlington H & AC44:33
105Graham GARVEYDarlington H & AC44:36
106Sharon CARBERTDarlington H & AC44:37
113Martin PHILLIPSDarlington H & AC46:03
117Wesley ATKINSDarlington H & AC46:09
119Charlotte KNOWLESDarlington H & AC46:32
120Ian BROWNDarlington H & AC46:34
124Michael SANGSTERDarlington H & AC47:20
127Lesley MILLERDarlington H & AC47:53
132Clare PARKDarlington H & AC48:53
135Iain GIRARDDarlington H & AC49:23
136Rebecca CARTERDarlington H & AC49:23
151Anne HUTCHINSONDarlington H & AC51:54
166Julie BECKDarlington H & AC53:35
173Tina CORAHDarlington H & AC54:33
180Stephanie KINGDONDarlington H & AC55:40
201SARAH JOHNSONDarlington H & AC59:43
203Paula ROBERTSDarlington H & AC1:00:03
212Lisa SMEDLEYDarlington H & AC1:05:42
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