Eight make top Twenty at the Mermaid

It was the return of the very popular Mermaid 10km race this good Friday, a flat and fast 10km race which takes runners from the Mermaid pub in New Marske, around the housing estate to the coast for a couple of loops and a long 3km run back to the finish line. Some impressive performances on the day with eight of our runners finishing in the top twenty. Full results can be found here.

8Paul AllanDarlington H & AC35:4974.56%
9Kyle CookDarlington H & AC35:5574.39%
10Barry TalmanDarlington H & AC36:2576.03%
12Philip TeeceDarlington H & AC36:5286.55%
13Shaun MarshallDarlington H & AC37:0272.11%
14Paul CookDarlington H & AC37:2675.17%
16Louise TalmanDarlington H & AC37:5180.90%
18Jeff MillerDarlington H & AC38:2280.99%
27Neville FordDarlington H & AC39:4174.88%
31Andrew ParkDarlington H & AC40:1867.81%
33David TomlinsonDarlington H & AC40:2871.18%
36Jade HutchinsonDarlington H & AC40:4275.24%
40Karl HumeDarlington H & AC41:0370.12%
44Sue PhillipsDarlington H & AC41:2286.91%
58Barry BellDarlington H & AC43:1867.42%
59Justin Adam HindmarchDarlington H & AC43:2461.67%
63Pauline BrownDarlington H & AC43:4280.99%
64Martin PhillipsDarlington H & AC43:5870.63%
67Andrew GlencrossDarlington H & AC44:1066.17%
78Ian BrownDarlington H & AC45:0768.68%
81Sharon CarbertDarlington H & AC45:2374.36%
82Stephen GardnerDarlington H & AC45:3669.21%
105David RalphDarlington H & AC47:4755.77%
115Iain GirardDarlington H & AC48:3959.10%
126Emma MorleyDarlington H & AC50:1870.42%
129Rebecca ButlerDarlington H & AC50:4259.65%
134Antoni HallDarlington H & AC51:3551.61%
135John CookDarlington H & AC51:3655.14%
137David HamerDarlington H & AC51:5558.21%
138Paul RossingtonDarlington H & AC52:1450.97%
141James GardnerDarlington H & AC52:3051.21%
142Andrew GibsonDarlington H & AC52:2750.84%
157Anne HutchinsonDarlington H & AC53:4761.39%
162Den DaleDarlington H & AC54:1755.04%
168Tina CorahDarlington H & AC56:2563.59%
174Julian PinkneyDarlington H & AC58:4945.17%
175Andrea ReeseDarlington H & AC58:5656.49%
182Andrew DobsonDarlington H & AC59:2548.67%
191Joanne HindmarshDarlington H & AC1:01:4349.94%
192Paula RobertsDarlington H & AC1:01:3449.14%
193Graham GarveyDarlington H & AC1:01:3445.48%
195Rachel MaddisonDarlington H & AC1:02:0548.85%
204Sarah JohnsonDarlington H & AC1:04:0347.48%
205Linda TinklerDarlington H & AC1:04:0448.03%
211Leigh HindleDarlington H & AC1:07:0847.26%
212Julie BellDarlington H & AC1:07:1248.51%
220Penny IvisonDarlington H & AC1:09:1153.08%
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