Dave’s Dales Trail

Dave McKenna, pictured below was in action at the DT40 this weekend, a 26 mile route with 3333 feet of elevation. The La Sportiva Dales Trail Series DT40 is a three-Dale race starting at Semer Water in Wensleydale. A steady climb up and away from Semer Water leads runners on to the high moors, to be crossed before the long descent into Wharfedale.

Runners pass the Côte de Kidstones, of Tour de France fame, before heading west for the Dales Way long-distance footpath in beautiful Langstrothdale. The trail catches up with the Pennine Way briefly before branching north east to follow the Cam High Road (Roman Road) back towards Semer Water. On the day Dave finished 20th in 3:51:33.

Full results can be found here

Dales Trail series, Wensleydale September 2015
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