Cross Country? In The Summer? Surely Not!

Unbelievable but true!

Yes, the Tees Valley Cross Country competition was indeed held on Monday 25th June in sweltering heat, certainly not the cold, wet and muddy conditions we’re used to for this discipline.

It was initially scheduled to take place in March, but due to all the bad weather, the event was postponed. How quickly things change in the good old British weather! In the end it was a well organised and slick operation, which had the young athletes ready and raring to showcase their abilities, highlighting their grit and determination in the growing heat……Mo Farah would be proud of them!

In the Year 6 Girls’ race, our very own Libby Hammond ran a blinder, dominating from the start, showing confidence, endurance and excellent race tactics, eventually finishing a magnificent 1st place. Outstanding, well done Libby!

Hot on her heels, showing focus and strength was another of our DHAC Under 13’s, Tori Buckley. A fantastic run from Tori, crossing the line in 5th place – what an inspiration these girls are to their peers – and what a pleasure it was to watch them compete.

In the Year 6 boys’ race, Alex Boyer gave another memorable performance, running with strength and vigour, showing that the heat wasn’t going to slow him down as he powered across the finish line in an outstanding 2nd place. Great stuff, Alex, well done!

He was closely followed by another member of the Harrier’s endurance group, namely Josh Scott, who gave it his all, finishing in 9th place. Well done, Josh, a great effort!

Another strong performance by one of our Under 13 Harriers came from Louis Brett. He produced a strong and confident run, crossing the finish line in 15th place, which was fantastic going, well done Louis!

Overall, our young Harriers made a huge impact on the event, culminating in the Darlington team coming overall 2nd in the competition.

Finally, well done to all the Darlington runners who competed, as cross country is not an easy discipline, especially not in the conditions met by this competition. A super team effort!

Big smiles from Libby, and a welcome drink in the heat!

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