Coatham relays

This week we saw the return of the Coatham relays, a paired relay event organised by Andrew Park which sees runners paired off based on ability, the first runner starting at the Whitehorse pub and running up to the Forresters Arms before the second runner heads home towards the Whitehorse and the finish.

The teams aren’t always equal but it’s good fun regardless and gives everyone the opportunity to pop into the Whitehorse for a social drink or two! results will be out for this shortly.

Finishing PositionAthleteAthleteTime
1Paula Vicky RobertsBarry Talman27:22
2Chris NobleJeff Miller27:28
3Lisa SmedleyPaul Lowe27:44
4Lucinda CloseShaun Marshall27:56
5Martin PhillipsPeter Armstrong27:59
6Danielle ClarkLouise Talman28:00
7Jamie Baldesera 28:22
8Richard BowesJustin Hindmarsh28:24
9Clare ParkNev Ford28:25
10Mark RobinsonNatalie Curgenven28:25
11Val ClarkeDave McKenna28:27
12Paul KeedzJohn Dunne28:29
13Sean ConnelyDave Tomlinson28:33
14Pauline BrownKarl Hume28:42
15Graham GarveySue Phillips28:45
16Corinne MurraySteve Elliot28:50
17Sarah TomlinsonAlison Matthews28:51
18Megan NobleSamuel Talman29:07
19Sharon CarbertTom Leighton29:10
20Tina CorahGarry Collinson29:17
21Ali PentlandIndia Pentland29:20
22Andrew GlencrossLinda Noble29:31
23Lesley MillerGraham O’hara29:40
24Julie BeckPaul Cook29:41
25Jacob le JackelMichael King29:42
26Dave HaymerAndrew Park30:28
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