Couch To 5k

Coming Soon!

The next Couch To 5k programme is coming soon, due to start first week of September 2022. If you wish to place your name on our waiting list, please send us a message via our Contact page and we’ll get back in touch in no time at all, or send a WhatsApp message to 07458 125 721

There are many reasons why you would like to start running. It could be weight issues, mental health problems, to meet new people, or you just want to set yourself a goal of running without stopping.

You may have done some running in the past, but perhaps have fallen out of love with running and need that gentle persuasion to get back into it.

What’s Involved?

The aim of the course is that, in 12 weeks, you will be able to run your very first parkrun without stopping (a total of 3.11 miles / 5 kilometres)

At the outset, this may seem daunting. However, with some determination, effort, and a few smiles and laughs along the way, we can get there. This course is not just about running, but enjoyment too.

Our Programme

We first started our successful Couch To 5k programme in September 2018. It spread via word of mouth and we had 33 people turn up on the very first session. We have held several courses since that inception, all proving very successful.

At our first graduation run at the end of the first 12 week programme, there were 38 accomplished runners that completed the Darlington South Park parkrun successfully

We hold a 12-week course, usually on a Tuesday and Thursday, with running homework set at the weekend. Our course is slightly different to the NHS/BBC offering because those are 10-week courses, and we feel there are jumps in the training plan that are a little too progressive.

In return for your efforts, we provide all of the encouragement and support that you need; we are a very welcoming and friendly club.


This slogan will be repeated by coaches at every session and it is designed to make you think. Every session will make you a better runner.

We then look back at the end of each session and discuss how you think it went, as your input into the session is very valuable.

The course is completely free of charge, ran by coaches who hold recognised England Athletics qualifications, and who volunteer their time to aid each person in their journey.

This can be the start of a new you!

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