A Throwing Marathon For The Thompsons

The reason Rosie and Lily Thompson weren’t competing at Gateshead’s Inter-Counties on Saturday is that it clashed with this British Championship event.

A day full of throwing all sorts of weird and wonderful objects; how could the girls resist?

As the name suggests, the decathlon in this instance, includes 10 disciplines all dedicated to throwing. The standard hammer, shot, javelin and discus are all included, but in addition to those, there’s the heavy hammer, the one handed hammer, the sling, the grenade (not what you think!), the Kugel Schocken (a small shot which is thrown like a discus), and finally the “brick” (a metal lump!)

The girls had a fantastic day doing what they do best. Rosie beat around 3 old UK records, which were subsequently beaten by her Teesside Throwers Squad team mates; in the end she came away with bronze.

Lily now holds the UK record for the brick, and the total number of points. The total points also happened to be a new WORLD RECORD which was an added bonus and a wonderful surprise!! They both loved the variety of the event and are already looking forward to entering next year. Great stuff girls, well done

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