A Happy New Year For India And Ellie

It was a great start to the year for our Under 17 stars, India Pentland and Ellie Phillips. They were both competing in the North East Harrier League which is the equivalent of our NYSD competition, for clubs in the north of the region.

Like the NYSD, they run the U17 and U20 women together and have a staggered start system. The slow pack goes off first, then about 40 seconds later the medium pack goes, then about 40 seconds after that the fast pack starts. The idea is that runners progress from the slow to the fast pack as the season progresses and the races unfold. However, if you run as a guest as India and Ellie did (because it isn’t Darlington’s usual league) you can choose which pack you start in. As you might expect the girls opted for the fast pack! Sounds confusing I know – when you look at the results below, look at the ‘actual time’ rather than the ‘race time’ to get the full picture.

It was a tough 4.5km race across hilly and very muddy terrain…..and the cold and windy conditions didn’t help. Proper cross country running, some might say! But the girls battled through it and, once again, came up with the goods…..

India finished 1st overall crossing the line in 18.03, Ellie was the 2nd U17 to finish, and 3rd overall in 20.00 exactly

An outstanding performance from both. We’re sure it will be the first of many for the year ahead. Well done, girls!

India Pentland, Ellie Phillips, and big smiles from the girls after a muddy race!
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